Morning Toast

Today I went to the store to buy some bread and I am used to buying what I call a "half loaf". Because Koreans don't eat a lot of wheat products the only bread that I could find was packaged in a size that I could be compared to half of a standard Canadian loaf of bread, about 8-10 slices. Being the bread lover that I am this didn't satisfy me for but a couple of days. In fact I had already resigned my self to tri-weekly trips to the grocery store that I aptly named "Bread Winner" trips. Bread because that was the purpose of the trip and winner because there was always the possibility of them being out of bread and thus the chance of losing.

Little did I know the surprise I was in for today. As usual I go to the place where they sell bread grab a bag and head out but today was different. Being a holiday I literally had all day and so I took a little extra time to look around the bakery. What do I find just three shelves below the "half loaf" bread that I have been buying? A whole loaf of bread, and not just any loaf, it could be the longest loaf of bread in the world!(doubtful but you never know) It measures in at a whopping 26 slices! To put that in perspective, a standard Canadian loaf is just 16 slices, this is almost double! Just to count to a number that high I either need to use all of my fingers and all of my toes or half of the bills in my wallet. It is so big that it can almost touch both sides of my apartment at the same time.(notice how a picture can even capture it's length) Not only that but I am pretty sure that they made it just for me, as you can see backwards in the picture it is called Morning Toast. What do I use all of my bread for? Making toast in the morning! Coincidence? You decide.

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