As some of you may have noticed I haven't posted anything lately; there are two reasons for this. First I found out that the internet at my apartment doesn't actually work and second I was away for the weekend.

First: You may be asking yourself, "It took you a month to figure out that your internet doesn't work?" Let me explain. Up until now I have been using an unlocked wireless signal from one of my neighbors to connect to the internet. Now before you condem me for this "theft" you should know that internet is included in my apartment maintenance fee and so I do have a cable to connect to for the internet, it's just that the wireless was so much more convinient. That was until late last week I came home from work hoping to watch the latest episode of Top Gear and I could not connect. So I tried plugging in to the cable coming out of the wall with out success. So I have talked to my boss who will talk to my landlord and get it fixed. When, I don't know but I can only assume that it will happen "soon", which is Korean for whenever he gets around to it.

Second: I went to Changwon this weekend, if you can't find it on the map it is right by Masan. About a two hour bus ride from Geoje. I went with a group of about 9 others to hang out and celebrate a friends birthday. Later in the week I will do a post that will give you the details.

Now that you know why I haven't posted I will let you know why I won't post for a couple of days; school started. As a result there are a lot of things to iron out, more than expected due to some unnecessary(I think) changes.

In America we have the saying, "Shop till you drop." In Korea they have the saying, "School till you drool."

Just to give you an idea of how serious school is here in Korea, this 5 year old is going to be at school, in class from 9:00-5:20 with 1 hour off from 2:30-3:30. Today was his first day and by 5:15, after crying a few times because he was so tired, he finally fell asleep. Side note: Korean age is deceiving, he is actually about 45 months old, also today his mom dropped him off before 8:45 and picked him up after 5:45)

A lot more about school in Korea later.


  1. Woah! can't wait to hear more about this new chapter at some point.

  2. Just a random question:
    How does a one hour break fit between 2:30 and 3:00. Where does the other half hour go?

  3. korea time is different, you wouldn't understand. thanks for the proof reading it is now fixed.