Happy 7 Weeks to Me!

As you know now I have been in Korea for 7 weeks and that is a number that needs to be celebrated. So I did so in the only way I know how: I bought myself a motorcycle!

It's a Daelim Something 125 and she is beautiful! I have yet to name her but if you have any ideas let me know.

I do need to tell you that there have been a few complications but I will tell you about those later because right now we are still celebrating.


  1. do you even have a korean license? if you don't, what happens if all of a sudden they pick you up and lock up in a foreign jail, or kick you out of the country...that wouldn't be so cool.
    how'd you find it?

  2. Dude so good! So happy for you and the girl. I'll start thinking of names. maybe... some quick research here.
    -Yedda (beautiful voice)
    -Uldwyna (special friend)
    -Revlynn (get it?!)

    Hit us with some pics.

  3. Can't wait to see this thing!

    Latino Sanchez.