Annabelle's Trip to the Doctor

As you already know Annabelle tore her ACL on the way home from Busan so one evening this week I decided to taker her to the hospital to have it operated on. There are many motorcycle hospitals in Korea and so having no one to recommend one I chose the one that was closest to my house. I had no idea how it would work seeing as I am sure that they do things differently in Korea and I speak no Korean.

I pulled up in front of the shop and waiting at the door to greet me was one of the mechanics, I greeted him and pointed to the problem and he took it from there. He took it in to the shop and immediately started drilling. He grunted and said that would take a long time, I figured that meant a few days. I made to give them my phone number so they could call me when it was done but they motioned for me to stay. I stood off to the side and watched as they worked intermittently, stopping to help other customers with easier fixes as they pulled up.

Finally when the other traffic had slowed they got serious about tending to Annabelle. They took out the welder and extended the bolt that held the brake lever. Once they had cleaned the new weld they put every thing back in place and welded an nut on the end of the bold so that it will(should) never come off again.

They asked me to check it and when I found it to be satisfactory they told me how much. This was the part that I was worried about, not that Annabelle wouldn't be worth it, but that as a foreigner I would be taken advantage of.(stranger things have happened) But they ended up charging me a price that I thought fair, which was awful nice of them. I paid up, said my thank-you's and Annabelle and I were on our way.

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