Duck Island

As many of you do not know I am in the process of writing a book. As it is a top secret project I can not tell I can tell you a lot about what will be inside but I can tell you that the title will read something like this, "How to Answer Your Korean Boss' Questions".  Little did I know how soon the knowledge I have been using to write the book would come in handy.

This past Monday at school my boss came up to me and said, "Today for supper we are going to an island to eat duck." Thankfully I have retained some of what I have written and I managed to muster an ok. This satisfied her and she was off to do the next thing.

I on the other hand was affright, what had I just agreed to? It wasn't that I didn't want to go for supper, I did, the thing was that I had forgotten to bring my camera and I remember saying that I would take pictures of the next meal I ate in a restaurant. I ran to my boss, "Do I have time to run and get my camera after work?" "No time."  "Noooo...."

Maybe this was all part of a dream I had during my after lunch nap, sleeping off the delicious mashed potatoes and meat loaf that the other teacher made, but these pictures suggest otherwise.

12 Sides and a Salad

A few in the group

The Duck

The full spread(missing the rice)

Wrapped Rice
Unwrapped Rice
Completed meal(Sides have free refills and so they still look full)

They had a bear in the entrance

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