Sky Pizza

As you know Sky Pizza is the pizza place that opened next to my school a couple of weeks ago. I finally got around to eating there this past weekend thanks to my boss. Let me tell you a little story.

Friday was a bit of a hectic day at school we as teachers did more work than we would on a normal day. Then to add to it, at 6:00 when it is time to go home, my boss was still not back from dropping off kids so I had to stay late. As a thank-you my boss ordered me a pizza from Sky Pizza that I could pick up on my way home.

It was some sort of a meat pizza and it was delicious. First there was meat on it, then the sauce and cheese tasted good, which isn't always the case in Korea, then they put hot sauce on top. In addition to that I was also pretty hungry, and it was free. It came with the standard pickles and parmesan cheese.

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