A Few of My Favorite Things

I got a chance to talk to my old roommates the other day and by the sounds of it the McMillan house has been massively blessed. Not so much house it's self as the people in side the house. Actually if I were honest the structure might be past saving but the bathroom got a fresh coat of paint(to cover up the mould) and there is now the chance of getting hit by a dart as you are walking down the stairs. Exciting times for the house!

As for the people in side the house: one has gotten a job that he will be great at it and possibly even enjoy while getting pay with perks, another is quitting his job in the next few weeks to start a summer job that will continue until he leave on a trip to England after which he will probably be studying, another just got a sweet sounding job offer in a field that not only he enjoys but he excels at. and the fourth is getting married in May(or April I forget). Big things, I am excited for you!

I also got to talk to my parents and sisters which was a treat, and by the sounds of it, in their own special way they too have been blessed and have exciting things coming in the future. Graduation for one sister a potential house for my other and brother, an active retirement of golfing, riding the Harley and going for coffee for my father and my mother continues to bless others with the gift of language. (Take it from me this could be the best gift for that foreigner on your list who has everything else)

These are a few of my favorite things, feel free to put them in the next package that you send me.

To be fair I do not miss(very much) the snow storm that just enveloped many of you.

On a related note I just got paid for the first time on Thursday and I just thought you should know that I am officially a multimillionaire, no big deal or anything. How has my life changed? you ask... Let me tell you.

My car:

My clothes:

My toilet paper:

My bed:

As you can see just a few minor but necessary changes.

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