Two days ago was market day. This time I was looking for some greens, bananas and one other fruit. I found some affordable greens, found bananas for a good deal as well and then at the same stand as the bananas I found my other fruit.

As you can probably guess by the title of this post I found some strawberries. Now normally the strawberries I have seen have been selling for more money that I want to spend, hence I haven't bought any yet. But the ones I found today were going for 4000 won for 2 kgs. To put that in terms you understand, that is $1 a pound. I felt like I was stealing them, it was such a great price for produce in Korea. The sale was on because by the end of the week they would be ready to be made in to wine. But no matter a deal is a deal. They tasted delicious.

When I got home I found out that I get to keep the plastic tub that they are in, which makes it an even better deal. I washed them and cut them up, pretty much all of them were deliciously edible. But their time was running out so I would have to eat them fast. I started off with a couple of bowls of strawberries and milk. Fantastic!

The next day I woke up early enough to make pancakes and had them with strawberries. For my last pancake I switched it up with a banana and peanut butter pancake. Incredible! Side note, since Friday I have had pancakes three times! Have I mentioned that I love pancakes? I do.

Then for supper I bought 6 of those waffle fish with white sauce in the middle, cut them up and drizzled strawberries all over them. Again they tasted incredible! 

I finished up the strawberries this morning with my breakfast of seaweed and rice. 2 kg's of strawberries in 36 hours is not too bad... so far.

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