Introducing Annabelle

As you know I bought a motorcycle last weekend. I already mentioned that there were some complications. This is the story of what took place:

I left for Busan at 6:30 in the morning needing to meet the seller by 8:30. I made it just in time. He was an interesting character, friendly but not overly knowledgable about the bike or otherwise. He was selling the bike for a friend who had already returned to America so I forgave him for that lack. I had seen pictures of the bike and so I knew what to expect, to some she might look like an old and beat-up Daelim Advance VC125 Custom motorcycle. But to me she is Annabelle and she is beautiful.

Before buying I took the bike for a ride and let me tell you the ride was exciting, the motorcycle on the other hand was simply average but the price was right. Upon that inspection I handed over the hard earned won and with that I accepted the challenge of owning a motorcycle in Korea. Little did I know what I was in for.

Before I had left for Busan the principal of my school mentioned that he did not thing that motorcycles were allowed on the new bridge but I decided to not heed his advice. Turns out that he was right, the bridge for understandable reasons is closed to motorcycle smaller vehicles. Understandably because of the reliability and hazard that they are.

Thankfully there are two bridges to Geoje and so this meant that I would just have to take the other bridge. But having relied completely on this bridge I had not even looked at this other route. It was 3+ hours compared to less than 1 which meant that there would be plenty of room for error.

Instead of taking the chance and getting hopelessly lost I decided to park the bike, bus home and come back next week to pick her up. I just found a spot on the side walk and left her there. Before I left the bike I thought I would feel safer if I locked her up. I searched high and low but all I could find was a flimsy chain and small lock at a cost of $12. It was worth, at most, $2. If I am honest I wouldn't trust the lock on my bicycle in Winnipeg, but being the only one I found, it would have to do.

The plan now is to bus to Busan tomorrow(Saturday) and, if she is still there, I will pick her up and bring her home. It will be 12 degrees Celsius and sunny and so it is looking to be a scenic ride through the Korean country side. There should be lots of swell photo opportunities if I take the time to stop. I will let you know how it goes next week.


  1. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  2. Randall29/3/11

    That bike is awesome! The helmet makes it way better.