Busan - Jagalchi Fish Market

Another part of my Busan adventure was a trip to the Jagalchi Fish Market. I had heard a number of things about it from others and knew that I just had to check it out for myself and was it worth it? Yes!

Being on a tight schedule I went straight to the main part of the fish market. It is a large modern building that I would guess is about the size of a football field maybe a little larger. The ground floor is where the live sea creatures are held, the second floor is the restaurant area and the third floor has other stuff.(I don't know what)

When you walk in on the ground floor you are surrounded by different sizes of aquariums al holding different kinds of fish. I'm not exaggerating when I say that there were over a hundred different kinds of sea creatures represented.

There was also an out door market right on the docks that also sold all kinds of sea related goods.

Unfortunately, as I already mentioned, I was on a tight schedule so I was only able to do a quick walk through but I hope to come back another time and actually get something to eat. I saw several tempting options, there was the 11000 won Fish and Seafood Buffet, or the side of the road stand with a 4000 won fish meal.

But the option that interests me the most is found in the main building. Here you buy the fish that you you want from any of the fish stalls. They gut it and clean it for you at the stall and then tell you where to go on the second floor. There they prepare the fish for your eating pleasure, for what I am told is a minimal fee(I have heard under 5000 won). I will try it out one day and let you know when I get around to it.

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