New Pizza Place

I meant to post this last week but due to no internet at home I forgot.

As you may or may not know for some odd reason pizza is my favorite food as of the past two months. So much so that when my mom asked what I wanted to eat before I left for Korea, I asked for pizza. 

So since coming to Korea I have made pizza and have had pizza from 6 different places. One week I had restaurant pizza 3 times.

So as you can imagine I was really excited about this new pizza place opening up(I think I may have even written about it). It is called Sky Pizza and they had the grand open(as they call it in Korea) last Friday. As a promotion they were selling the first 300 pizzas for 3800 won($4). I had clear my schedule in order to go and had a running count down till it's 3:00 pm opening time I was so excited! 

But there was a problem, I work till 6:00. By this time a line had formed and I was not willing to wait so I will let you know how their pizza tastes in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Looks great, get on that and let us know what kind of flavours they offer!