Busan - It's Not Lonely at the Top

While in Busan I also went to the Lotte Department Store. I was looking for something specific and expecting something else so I did not find what I was looking for but it was interesting. It reminded me of The Hundson's Bay Co. in Winnipeg at Portage and Osborne, just bigger.

It was about 10 floors of stuff that I didn't need and each floor was a different theme. The ground floor was perfume, the next two floors were women's clothing, then men's clothing, then, athletic wear, then childrens wear, then household goods, then electronics and then a floor of restaurants. Finally on top of the building there was a nice park like area with a look out area over Busan.

At the top there was also a fence with hundreds of locks locked to it. As with a few other places in Korea, what happens(I think) the couple come here together and in an effort to declare their lover for each other lock their lock on gate and throw away the key. The locks are generally decorated with names or initials, the year and usually a heart or two. Right beside the fence there was a large container to deposit the key. I really hope it works out for all of them because it would be quite a chore to find your key again to unlock your lock. Personally I would just throw my(our) key off the roof. Chances are that we wouldn't find it and if we did it would probably be a sign that we shouldn't be together anyway.

Also of note construction has started right be side the Lotte Department Store on the building of the Busan Lotte Tower. It will be, upon completion, the sixth tallest building in the world. More info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Busan_Lotte_World_Tower

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