What starts with Bus and ends with an?

Before I came to Korea there were two Korean people that I knew from Canada, one is still in Canada and the other is living in Gumi, South Korea. Knowing that it would be holidays the friend in Gumi invited me to come for a visit, which I thought would be a good idea so we had planned to meet on Friday and I would stay with her family till Saturday.  Due to a miscommunication this was no longer the plan and so still  wanting to see part of Korea I decided to head out to Busan.

Busan is in the south east corner of South Korea, it has a population of 3.6 million people, a 4 line subway, the fifth largest port in the world, and it is only a 1 hour bus ride from Geoje. So after checking a few details out before I left I hopped on a bus. On the way we crossed over the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link which is a 8.2 km long bridge-tunnel combination in the north east corner of the island. The route shortens the journey to Busan from what was 3 hours down to a mere 1 hour. (In the picture you can see that after the second bridge the road tunnels under the water)

I reached Busan a little later than expected due to holiday traffic and took the subway to Haeundae Beach where I wanted to take a picture of the sunset for my old roommate Jon Monkman. Being winter it was dead but he said that in summer you can call in your order to a restaurant and they deliver it to you on the beach, I will have to try that.

My father had asked if I had found any Mexican restaurants in Korea and so I had planned to go to a place called Taco al Puebla for supper but unfortunately my directions did not lead me to any taco places.(as I found out later it has moved to a new location). I will get you a picture one day dad. So as a back up I found a place with a picture menu and pointed to what I wanted, some kind of breaded fish that tasted pretty alright. I also passed a History of Photography Museum and was going to take a picture for you Ryan Bergen but then I didn't. Next time.

Before coming to Busan I looked at affordable accommodations for the night and found something that was very affordable but possibly a bit uncomfortable but I decided to give it a try. In Korea they have something called jjimjilbang, which is a public bath, from what I have heard it is an important tradition and many people go as a family once a week. You might be saying to yourself, "Doug that doesn't sound like a place to sleep." you are very observant. 

Let me tell you about it, I went to a place called Haeundae Spa Center it is a 24 hour jjimjilbang and was near the beach. Fourth floor was for women, fifth floor was men. They had several different temperatures of baths, showers and saunas that you can bath in. After you are finished bathing you are given a baggy shirt and baggy shorts to wear and you go upstairs to a large common room where people were hanging out with their families/friends watching tv, playing games and talking. You are given two thin sheets and a soft block, this is your mattress, blanket and pillow. I went to sleep early and the room was about a quarter full but when I woke up just before 6 the room was full, I had to step over bodies to get out. As it worked out for about $8.00 I had a hot bath and a place to sleep.

Then it was on to Gumi, I caught the sunrise at the train station in Busan

Took the train the two hours to Gumi.

Hyekyoung met me at the train station and it was off to check out Gumi. We went to a park with a lake:

It was nice to speak English with some one who understood Manitoba, and she is teaching right now so she gave me some heads up. For lunch/supper we went to this incredible barbecue place and had duck and pork, with a side of jellyfish and squid. I really wish I would have taken a picture of the food, it has to be the BEST food that I have eaten since arriving in Korea! Whoever comes to visit be warned/excited, we are going for Korean barbecue! We toured Gumi which has huge LG and Samsung factories, I met her family, they gave me a very large box of seaweed to eat with my rice. Then because I wanted to be in church in Goeje on Sunday it was out for the trek back home.

NOTE: If any one has any questions about Korea or my experience feel free to ask, I will do my best to respond. If have something that you would like me to do(location, event, food) while in Korea let me know and I will try and fit it in and take a picture for you.

HOUSE TOUR COMING: I have not forgotten about the video tour of my apartment, I just want to do it while the sun is up so it is brighter, this might end up being next week Saturday or Sunday. Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like a great time in Busan! That beach looks like it goes on forever. Does it? Just think of all the limitless food possibilities to be enjoyed by the sea! It really gives a new meaning to the term "surf & turf"! P.S. Thanks for shout out!

  2. I see you're using your camera...is it as good as you thought it would be? (the sunrise is pretty cool!)

  3. Hi there.

    It seems I ended up in your blog while trying to figure out how/where to catch a bus to get from Busan to Geoje. I'm thinking about visiting Geoje this weekend, as it seems interesting and I've nothing planned. So, if you see this message and can lead me to right direction in my search of bus connection, it would be highly appreciated. :)

    I like the way you write your blog. Got some pretty good ideas where more to visit during the few months here.

  4. Hello,

    To get back from Busan I have been taking Line 1 of the Subway to the end, Sinpyeong Station leave using either Exit 3 or Exit 1. Across the road will be a small convenience store that has a Lotto sign on it. That is where the bus stops. Ask for a ticket to Okpo, that is one of two main towns on Geoje.

    I assume that you could also catch the bus at the Busan bus station but I have never tried that.

    You can connect to Gohyeon, (the other main town) using the 10, 11, 22 buses(they stop at the bus terminal). To go back to Busan catch the bus from the bus terminal in Gohyeon.

    If I am honest I would suggest coming when it is a little warmer as there are many beaches here and it looks to be a little wet this weekend. But the sites are still there in the wet, Windy Hill, Geoje Haegeumgang, POW camp, Yangjam Light house, Oedo Botania(island garden), and the typical food and beverage that you would find in any town. Okpo has a better foreigner scene.

    I would offer to show you around a bit but I am not planning to be on the island this weekend. I hope this helps.

  5. Thanks, it does help. I was considering visiting the place later on, but I need to get out of Busan to spend my possibly only free weekend of the month. Geoje seemed like a best option as I didn't have much time to plan and it doesn't take all day to get there. :)

  6. Oh, thanks! Confused my plans, but I suppose Geoje stays close to same but bullfights aren't happening that often. Probably heading there then and heading to Geoje sometime later. :)

    Thanks for the number as well, don't have a working phone here though. Weird feeling having been close to two months without one, but that's how it goes here.

  7. Hi mate.. I am coming to Geoje in August for 3 weeks. I will like to explore Busan more during the weekends. Can you please suggest some places and how do i go to/from Geoje (okpo) to Busan? If you still in Geoje and would be to catchup for a drink too :)... Nir

  8. Hello Nir,

    To get from Okpo to Busan is fairly easy. You can catch the bus just up from the Foreign Mart on the main highway that runs through Okpo across from the Admiral Hotel. There are buses that run from Okpo to either the airport or the bus station, both destinations have buses that run several times a day to and from.

    As for things to do it would depend what you are in to. This website will give you a general overview of what the island is like: http://www.geoje-island.com/Geoje-Island.html
    If you have any other question I will do my best to get you an answer.

    As for a drink, thank-you the offer but I am no longer on the island. Hope your time on the island is fantastic.


  9. Anonymous19/1/13


    Nice blog post. It's nice to know that someone is blogging about Geoje :-) I am staying here for two more days and wanting to hop on the bus going to Windy Hill tomorrow morning. Too bad I couldn't find good directions on the web. Do you know any bus going to or have stop near Windy Hill? I'm coming from Gohyeon Bus Teminal. Thanks :-)


  10. Hey Cai,
    Thanks for the message! I am no longer living on the island but according to the website take the 67 from Gohyun bus terminal. It's schedule is as follows: 5:40, 8:35, 10:35, 12:35, 14:35,16:35, 18:35. It'll takes about 1 hour. and returnig bus operation hour from Hakdong to Gohyun is as follows: 9;10, 12:10, 14;10, 16:10, 16;10, 17;10, 21;10. When I was there the 55 and 56 bus also went to Windy Hill but I can not guarantee this. Hope your time is fantastic!

  11. Hi

    1 question : Do you just tell the person at the Seobu terminal that you want to get a ticket to gohyeon bus terminal ?

    2 question : How to get from Gohyeon terminal to Oedo island passing through Haegeumgang cliff and Oedo botanic garedn ?

    Any idea how to get to Windy mill ?

    ANd lastly how to get back to gohyeon termnial from windy mill ?

  12. Hello Rose,

    1. That is correct, at Seobu Sasang bus terminal as for a ticket to Gohyeon or Okpo.

    2. Take bus number 10 or 11 to Jangseungpo. Get off at the Art Center. Across the street from the art center is the ferry that takes you to Oedo and Haegeumgang.

    3. Windy Hill buses are above. From the Geoje bus terminal it is the 67 or the 55 and 56.

    4. Any bus that comes by Windy Hill will go back to the Geoje bus terminal then you can catch a bus back to Busan from there.

  13. Hi.
    Thank you very much fro the information !!

    Any idea I can catch a bus directly from busan to Jangseungpo ?

    Any idea I can get from the ferry terminal at Jangseungpo to windy hill ?

    If not possible, how can I get back to the geoje bus terminal from the Jangseungpo ferry terminal so as to catch a bus to windy hill.

    Thank you !