Hospital Trip

Today was my first day in Geoje and was picked up before school by my Boss and family. They are incredible, the mother Mrs. Kim was the one to get my apartment ready for me, her son Sungmoon who picked me up from Ilsan, and the father Mr. Ock, who drives us where we need to go. Inju was the only other person at the school she will be teaching the 5 year old. As you probably guessed by her name she is Korean but has great English.

I got the tour of the building which is purposely very similar to it's sister school in Ilsan and then it was down to business. As I thought I am the first westerner to arrive at school, there will be one more coming possibly in two weeks or so. As I thought school will start in the beginning of March. But I just found out that because this is the first year the school is open we will be doing a pre-start school meaning that for the last two weeks of February we will be running classes. But as I was told they are to be fun classes so that the kids are excited to come to school when it actually starts in March. This would be great except for the fact that I have to write the curriculum for these two weeks, I have one week to prepare my classroom and two weeks of school. I won't be looking for things to do that is for sure.

Also today I got my Korean medical test over with, as Mrs. Kim told me, "Many teacher who come to Korea have AIDS, that is not good, we will find them." For the test I got to pee in a cup, it was my first time, it is quite the experience. Side note it looked like I was dehydrated but when I put it next to the Korean cups mine was the clearest. It made me wonder, "What are the Koreans drinking?" Not enough water that is for sure.(to much information... maybe)

On with the test, they have this scale that you stand on with a pole and a bar comes down and hits your head, it measures height and weight. Took the hearing test which was just a rhythmic beep that got quieter with every beep, they said I had excellent hearing, more like excellent timing. Then a blood test and an x-ray for TB and I was back at school working.

Lunch was a trip to the bakery that is located the floor below the school, I will tell you more about it another day.

We called it quits around 5 and went to Home Plus which is similar to a WalMart or Superstore to get groceries and then off home. Sungmoon came with me and helped me with the shopping and then walked me home. Class act.

Wednesday till Sunday Korea celebrates Lunar Holiday(Chinese New Year) so after two days of work I have the rest of the week off. What to do?

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  1. Keep the posts coming! I love it! video tour soon?