Gohyeon Church

Sunday was church and so for my first service Mrs. Kim, my boss, insisted that she pick me up even though I can see the steeple from my building. Either way they came and, like every other time they have come, dropped off a bunch of stuff for my house. This time it was a dish rack, chair booties, a toilet cleaner and other stuff. Last time it was a bunch of food, some extension cords and dishes, they really have been so kind to me.

Here is the church from the window of my apartment building, not a long walk. (the red cross)

Because of the holidays the people from the church's foreigners service were challenged to invite others and so there were many other people who were there for the first time. There were about 30-40 people in attendance and we worshiped together in English! It was very refreshing. Then after the service the church had prepared some food and some games in which we could take part in and so it was a great time of fellowship, talking with some of the other Christians who are teaching in Geoje and learning about what life has been like for there here. For the games there were prizes and the team I was on ended up winnipeg every game so I got a hand full of stuff including a toiletries box, some socks and thanks to Caleb Button a large box of treats.

It was neat in that I wasn't the only one coming for the first time. What I only thought of later was that many of the people that I met might have just come to this church for this special event and not attend regularly.  This means that I am not sure who will be there next Sunday, I guess I will have to go and find out. Continue to pray that I would be intentional about my role in the church and willing when there is a need.

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  1. Anonymous23/10/12


    My name is Maggie and I live in Changwon South Korea. I'm planning to travel to Geoje Island this weekend and I would really like to attend church. I realize that you are no longer living in Korea but would you be willing to point me in a direction of a place of worship? My email is paige83maggie@gmail.com
    Thank you ^^