I have been contemplating what to do with all 10 pounds of the pancake mix I have and the conclusion that I have come to is(I think) quite logical. I will eat it. The problem with that is that I like syrup on my pancakes, it them taste at least as good as a Porsche is fast, which is definitely above average.  "So buy some syrup!", you may be inclined to say. The problem with that is that Korea does not consume very much syrup and so you pay a high premium. At Costco less than a litre of Maple Syrup was $35.

Not having $35 in my budget for syrup and not wanting to let my mix go to waste I looked for an alternative. I mentioned this when talking to my mom the other day and wouldn't you know it she had a recipe for syrup memorized. Amazing!

One trip to the grocery store and I was in syrup making business. Actually that might not be a bad idea, if this teaching thing falls through I will start making and selling syrup. Anyway, I bought this great little pot and went to work.

The syrup was done cooking before I could learn how to say, "Your child is very smart but where are his manners?" in Korea.(yeoleobun-ui janyeoga eodie geuui maeneojiman maeu yeonglihago) I let it cool and then filled up my new syrup container.

I cannot wait to show you pictures of the pancakes I am going to eat on the weekend with this syrup so here is a picture of some pancakes from the internet.

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  1. Trish24/2/11

    blamo! easy! isn't it great? if she wouldn't have given you the recipe I would have. I hope you enjoy your pancakes with syrup. love you. :)