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Hello and welcome to you who's first time it is visiting this site. I am assuming that if this is your first time you have found your way here as a result of this picture:

Huge thanks to my good friend Jadyn Klassen for the superb design of the card. Unfortunately due to my delay of the card you are a few weeks behind and have a lot to read if you want to catch up. (Don't worry it won't take long, after all if it is interesting enough for me to write, it is interesting enough for you to look at the pictures)

Great Idea Korea(rhymes as well as Bad Idea Korea)

It is pretty self explanatory but this column is where I will showcase things that I see in Korea that I think are a good idea. The first of which I encountered when I got my phone. My cell phone(and everyone else's in Korea) came with a generic charger in a box that looks like this:

Anygood? Great question! Better name might have been Reallygood.
I also got an adapter to fit my phone. What it is is a wall plug with a cord but on the end of it is a universal plug that you plug your phone's adapter on to and voila you can charge your phone. This means that if you loose you charger you can get another one for about $1. The adapter for your phone is also about $1. In North America for example every phone comes with a different type of charger meaning that if you get a new phone you have to replace your old charger. Plus they are not only harder to find but also cost a lot more than they should. This makes me say, "Great idea Korea!"

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