Text Me!

The last few days have been pretty low key here. I am getting in to a bit of a rhythm of knowing how much time I have before work and how much time I have after work so that I know a little bit better when I can do something if there is anything that needs to be done.

Four days in to school and I am still enjoying it, although I hope that more kids come in March. I found out yesterday that the girl that was going to join my class will only start in March and that the guy in my class would be gone Thursday and Friday. This just means that I have time to work ahead, getting the things for next week done early so that when our material for March comes in next week I can start preparing right away.

I made a kid cry today. 

I tell you this only because it was the only thing of note to happen during class today. I was teaching the 5 year olds a little bit of English in English class and we were playing a fishing game where there is a magnet on the end of a string and it picks up flashcards that have paperclips on them. We are learning colors so they catch a flashcard and say the name of the color for practice. Well today class was almost done, we were transitioning from fishing to reading a book and then class would be over. In this transition one kid decided that he wanted to fish more so when I took his fishing rod he burst in to tears. 

When kids cry in Korea it is out of control, they go off, so as a result class was over. (more on Korean parenting later)

I also conducted a second interview, this time with someone who is looking at teaching only half the year, from March till the end of August. Excitement, excitement, excitement.

Then this afternoon Sangmoon took me to get a cell phone, what a great time. I went in wanting the cheapest phone but when I saw the options I just couldn't help myself and I got an iPhone. Oh the capabilities! FaceTime anyone?

That last paragraph was written before I went to get a phone. I now have it and it is a Samsung SHW-A250K. It is a touch screen and as you can see it is pretty stylish.(if you don't think it's stylish just pretend) I am not sure what type of contract I am on because Sangmoon took care of it all. From what I know the phone is under Sangmoon's name so that I could get some sort of deal. We will see at the end of the month I guess...

Feel free to text me any time!

Also on the way home I stopped by this street stand that sells these deep fried dough fish that smell really nice and so finally I decided to try one. Buying them I wasn't sure how much they were and so when the guy held up 3 fingers I thought 3000($3) won which is expensive but I figured I had to try it at least once might as well be now. So I held out 5000($5) won and he grabbed a bag and put 3 fish in, alright I guess it is 3 fish for 5000. Then held up one finger, wait what? I get 3 fish for 1000($1) won? Great! It got even better, they taste like waffles and are filled with something that tastes like waffle sauce! I will definitely be back!  They also have fish with brown filling, chocolate maybe? I will let you know.


  1. I miss you Doug...thanks for the chat yesterday :)

  2. Doug. I bet things are just a little more exciting when you really never know what you are getting into! Here's to hoping the brown ones really are chocolate! Sounds like you're doing fine - one adventure after another. See ya.