So it may look as if there are two blogs in a row with a similar theme but trust me it's not plus if you read the last one I can (30 day money back guarantee) you will enjoy this one just as much or more.

Today was training day so armed with the address of the school that I got from my boss I headed out to look for a taxi. I went to the main road where I thought they would be a plenty but all of them were full. Now I don't know very much about Korea but I assume that it was prime time for a taxi and so I started walking. I had a general idea of where the school was and I had left early but not early enough to walk to the school. After about 15 minutes of walking I managed to corner a taxi as the other passenger was getting out and claimed it. I showed him the paper and we were off.

Now I had been at the school the day before and so on exiting I made note that there was a Catholic Church with fancy lights across the road from the school. Now on the way to school the taxi driver was having a bit of trouble, we were on the right street but where was the school.

Korean Lesson: In Korea as I have been told when they number the buildings they give the oldest building the lowest number and so if a new building was built between two older buildings it will have a higher number. Logically I don't know about that system but that is the way it is.

Thankfully I spotted the church across the road and I hopped out just in time for school.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Michael a native of British Columbia who has taught in Korea for 10 years or so, I would be his shadow for the day. The school year here runs from the beginning of March to the middle of February so the class was advanced and wrapping up for the year. Between activities Michael would explain different workings of the class. As it turns out he wrote the curriculum for the school and because I will be teaching at a sister school he wrote my curriculum too. School ran till 2:30 but just as we were about to look in to what I needed to know the director from the school at Geoje Island showed up and said that my training was over and that we would be leaving by 4:30.

While I have to admit that I have not been told a lot of details I expected more than 1 day of training, so Michael and I went down stairs to talk over coffee. Talk we did, he tried to jam everything I would need to know in to the next hour.

4:30 and off we were, back to the apartment to change and pack then it was walking the mile to the subway with my 100+ pounds of life for a year. We caught the subway just in time to connect with our bus to Geoje. 4.5 hours later we were in the room that I will be calling my home for the year.

Wallpaper in my apartment (stay tuned for a video tour)

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