2 Weeks(but who's counting)

This weekend marked two weeks since I landed in South Korea, unfortunately it snuck up on me so quickly I didn't have a chance to plan a party so I just let it plan it's self. Let me tell you it was fantastic. First, after being at work for almost 1 full week my director asked me if it worked for me to preform an interview. First you need to understand about Korean culture is that, as I understand it, people ask a question assuming they will receive an affirmative answer. Second when he said interview I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. I soon found out that there was an interview set up for after work on Friday but he would be on a bus and he needed some one else to lead it, so it fell to me.

Waiting for the interview, seeing what the camera will see.

After that was over Caleb and Martha a young couple from my the States that go to my church had offered to go for supper and show me the hot spots of Geoje. Due to a miscommunication and my lack of knowing Geoje we missed each other.

On Saturday my roommates had arranged to Skype me. It was fantastic to "hang out" with them. While we talked I made kimbap for the first time, kim means seaweed and bap means rice. To make kimbap lay out a sheet of seaweed then spread a thin layer of rice(that has been mixed with salt and sesame seed oil) over the seaweed and put whatever cooked vegetables you have in the middle and then roll it up. I only had tomatoes and so that is what I put in and it tasted plain but alright.

Then in the afternoon Pastor Lucas came over with a welcoming committee from the church to share a short devotional with me. While I know they mean well, I have to admit that it was quite awkward but the lovely baked goods and a large framed plaque with Genesis 22:2 were appreciated.

Even after missing each other yesterday Caleb and Martha were down to try meeting again Saturday for supper which was more than I could have asked for. We did find each other this time and they took me to a place that served shabu shabu(and I think was called Shabu Shabu, maybe?). I would describe shabu shabu(and half of all Korean food) as soup-ish. Made by mixing vegetables, shaved meat(in this case beef), and noodles in the fryer on your table. The food was very good but what I appreciated even more was Caleb and Martha's insight in to Geoje and it's workings that they shared with me. They have been here for almost a year which means that they have a very good idea of what I am in for. While I didn't retain all of it, the wisdom they shared definitely gave me a heads up as to what is to come. Class act.

Last week after climbing the mountain I said that I wanted to climbed it every Sunday, I didn't climb it this week. My excuse is that I was invited to the Korean service at church, they said I only had to come once so I decided to experience it right away. It was as expected, all in Korea, but one thing I did not expect was to have to stand up in the middle of the service while the pastor welcomed me, then take a picture with the pastor after the service. If I am honest I felt quite uncomfortable with all of it, first I didn't understand anything that was said and then I was asked to dance(not literally). I know that it was out of the kindness of their heart but it made me wonder if this is how those unfamiliar with the church feel when they turn up at a church. I certainly hope not! While not a positive experience in my books it has made me think about how we as a church welcome others. Perhaps more on that another day.

Then was the English service, it was nice to worship in English. After the service there was a nice time of fellowship over strawberries and cake.

This next section is for Ryan and Richelle(but you can read it too),

This is what a Samsung car looks like:

Richelle, Q. What happens when an artist gets angry?
               A. She loses her temperas.

Good one right?

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