Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Today at school I found out that because this is probably the first time many of the children will be going to an English school, it will be my job to give them English names that will(potentially) stay with them for the rest of their lives. My first thought was, "This is a huge responsibility Doug are you sure that you can handle it? Well you don't really have a choice so..." Then my next thought was, "There is a lot of potential here." If you have studied business and marketing trends or if you have been to a sporting event you will see the advertising value of naming something.

Let's pretend that the managers of a newly built sporting facility are in charge of naming the building but while they may be excellent managers abstract creativity is not their strong point. This worries them because for the next 20+ years that the facility is around, it will bear the name that they will come up with, which they already know will not be as good as Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium or Wrigley Field. But then out of the blue after looking at other stadium names they have a brilliant idea. Get a company to name it, first that will earn some money to put toward the ol' mortgage, and we will have some one to blame if the name is not very clever.

If you are still with me I want to ask you, "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" probably not, I am thinking about the hodoks I had this afternoon, it is like the bun from a McGriddle, a Korean pancake with sugar in the middle of it! Maybe the second best Korean food I have eaten.

Enough beating around the bush, I am offering you a once in a life time opportunity to name a child that you don't have to be responsible for. Perhaps you have more good names than you have children, or maybe you want to name one after your special someone ;), the possibilities are endless but unfortunately there is limited supply. There will be at most 36 children at the school and I might not even get to name all of them so make sure you sign up right away. 36/7000000000 is a pretty exclusive club to be in.(Now to name that club...)

I will start the suggested donation off at low $30 and if there is more interest than I expect the price will only go up. Think of it as sponsoring a child only you don't have to pay monthly and the money doesn't go to help a child in need. As a little bonus, the first 10 people to sign up will get a postcard with a picture and some writing on it delivered to an address somewhere. Please consider helping out a child in this way, it may save them from a life of being called Samsung or Haeundae.

On a more serious note the director of the school found out that the other teacher who had signed a contract to come at the end of next week quit and will no longer be coming. This leaves a big hole with only 3 weeks till the start of classes. Please pray that God would provide the teacher that the school needs as only He can. Thanks.

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