Mountain Climbing with Mr. Ock

As you already know it is Lunar Holiday in Korea, everything is closed and the streets are quiet which means I don't see a lot when I go for a walks. This also means that I have had very little to do but Friday Mr. Ock my boss invited me to go climb one of the mountains in the area with him so I agreed. Though his English is not great we managed to talk for a bit and he taught me a bit of Korean. I am finding that in order for the Korean to stick I need to see it written down, if I just hear it I will only remember it for a few minutes. Needless to say if there was a test on what Mr. Ock taught me I would do very well.

This is a picture of the forest we walked through, while this picture doesn't show it very well, it reminded me of a combination of a place Josh Morris took me hiking South Carolina and the Pembina Valley.

The first two thirds of elevation were in the forest and the last thirds was on rocks that reminded me of the Whiteshell. The mountain was 566 meters high as this marker will attest to.

Also had we taken a different trail we would have started about 3 blocks from my apartment so I plan to climb it at least once or twice this year. Right now I am thinking that it might be nice to climb it every Sunday morning seeing that the English service at my church starts at 1:00 but don't hold me to that. From this point I could see my apartment but as you can see it is a little foggy, had it been clear we would have been able to see the ocean.

This is Mr. Ock.

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  1. Great blogs going on here! The type on that rock seems fantastic.