Meal of the Week

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and my church had a potluck. As I mentioned here, I was planning to bring greek salad. As a result of my illness I was unable to attend and was left with an abundance of ingredients for greek salad. 

Those ingredients were as follows: cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers(red, yellow and green), black olives and feta. Unfortunately no red onions, as I have been told that they do not exist in Korea. This was topped with a home made olive oil dressing.

I am sure that you already guessed but my meal of the week this past week was greek salad. I ate it for all but one of the meals that I had at home over the past 8 days. Thankfully I really like greek salad. Even today as I used the last of the ingredients to make one more salad for supper I was thankful, looking forward to tasting it's deliciousness one more time, disappointed it was coming to an end.

Here is a picture of the last greek salad of the week.

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  1. Greek Salad really is one of the best! Although my Mom can make a pretty mean potato salad.