Easter in Korea

This past weekend was Easter and so I thought you guys might want to know what Easter was like for me in Korea.

The first difference I noticed was that it was not nearly as commercialized. Walking in to the grocery store I got no indication that thousands of rabbits were forced to give up their chocolate eggs. In fact there was no indication that anything was different at all, because nothing was different, business as usual. The second, more important, difference I noticed was that I did not get a day off of work for Good Friday.

That is neither here nor there because chocolate eggs and a day off from work have very little to do with what Easter is really about. Which is remembering Jesus' death and resurrection, thus saving all who believe.

This Easter the church that I have been attending was celebrating by having a potluck in a park. I had signed up to bring apple crisp and greek salad. I was pretty excited for this time of fellowship as it would allow a chance for me to get to know the others better.

On Saturday I went for a ride with Annabelle and couple of other friends(pictures to come) and had a fantastic time but when I got home I was wiped. I went to bed just after 5:00, woke up at 9:00 walked around a bit and then slept till the morning. I was sick.

Instead of going to an Easter service and delicious potluck, I came down with the one and only coxsackie virus. It was self diagnosed so I might be wrong but all of the symptoms line up and a few kids at school had it so it makes sense. For those who don't know coxsackie virus is the human form of foot and mouth. It comes with the usual fever, aching, sinus, sore throat, mouth sores, hand boils and nausea. Fun stuff.

So if you ask me what Easter is like in Korea I will tell you that it is a restful day spent at home recuperating. Thankfully I am mostly better already and I didn't have to use any of my sick days.

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