Wine or Whine?

On our trip to the bull fighting we stopped by the Cheongdo Wine Tunnel, an old railroad tunnel that has been turned in to sort of a wine tour. The brochure we had said that it was a great place to go on a date, hence the title(I kid). We decided that, for a date in Korea, they had done alright.

Along the tunnel they first have a shop where you can buy the wine, next they have a shop where you can buy foods like, crackers or cake. Just past that there is an area with tables and chairs to sit and talk. If you keep walking you get to a gate that guards the storage area. If you are expecting to see the wine making in process you will be disappointed as it seems that they make the wine else where and just store it here.

The fermented fruit of choice here is the persimmon. If you have never tried a persimmon, you are not missing out on much. It is a bland, orange, mushy fruit that even at its best does not have a distinct or striking flavour. This is made neither better nor worse through the process of making it in to wine. I would say that it was below average, but I am no wine connoisseur. That being said, we sampled some of it and I did notice a marked difference, for the better, from the 'Regular' to the 'Special'. Needless to say none of us bought anything.

It turned out to be a decent way to spend half an hour, (it could have been longer had we decided to stay and chat) but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it. There is no entry fee, so if you are in the area and you are looking for something to do, check it out.

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