You Are The North Korea Man

As you already know, I teach at a kindergarten which means that the students are still very much kids. As such during playtime they like to act like kids by running around yelling, causing any kind of chaos that they can think of. I very much approve of this as it is a good way to burn off extra energy that they would otherwise use during class. So I do my best to rile them up as much as possible.

This has led me to be called monster teacher during playtime. During class I am Douglas Teacher and then once they have finished their journals and I say that they can play, instantly my name changes. They decided on the name the second week after much discussion and debate(I assume) after they noticed that I did not understand the Korean they were shouting at me. 

Then other day during playtime one of my students came up and out of the blue said, "You are the North Korea man." I can only assume that by that he was talking about The Dear Leader, as he refers to himself, Kim Jong-Il.

This delighted me as it gives me a chance to share with you the fact that Kim Jong-Il and I are very similar in many ways.  I will share three of them here with you today. The first thing is the obvious, we are both male. "But Doug" you say, "That includes half the world" Sure but wait until you hear the two other similarities. Second is that, in my own way, I am a dictator as well. "Of what territory?" you ask. My classroom. Just ask my students, it is not a democracy. Still not convinced? That is why I saved the clincher for last. We both love Perrier. Shocking but true. I just hope that you and I can still be friends.

From top, Perrier bottled water, Martell Cognac, Moreschi shoes and Scabal fabrics

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