Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

If the first sentence is all that you have time to read, I will tell you that the festival was not all that it was cracked up to be. That might not be entirely true as I hadn't heard what it was cracked up to be. But it didn't have a lot to live up to. To give you an idea, the best part of the festival for me was finding a washroom. Had it not been for the people that I went with the day would have been a write off.

I went with four others from the Okpo Church. Two South Africans, an American, a Swede and myself. They kept it interesting. We parked at the designated parking on a military base and after getting tired of waiting for a shuttle bus, decided it would be better to walk. Twenty minutes later we made it to the festival grounds, which consisted of a line of tents, one side being food and the other side being trinkets. We walked down the one side and arrived in the main square(it was a circle) and waited for the karate(it was tae kon do but I don't know how to spell it) that never started. So we walked down the other side of the tent and proclaimed that we were finished.

The most interesting(and worst) part of the festival happened while I was waiting for the rest to finish shopping for trinkets. I had seen many things I have never eaten and so I decided to try some new food. I decided it would have to be larva. They are mushy and taste like dirt and slime. That being said, if there would have been another adventurous soul with a strong stomach there were many other things that I would have loved to try.

Here are some pictures:

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  1. Sorry to hear that the day was a bust.
    But on the plus side I love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE cherry blossoms!

    Man, I thought I was brave trying scorpion and grasshopper in Bangkok, but the larva... that one takes the cake i think.