Azaleas On Mt. Daegumsan

This past Sunday I went to Mount Daegumsan to see the Azaleas. They were in full bloom and it was wonderful. There were number of reasons for its wonderfulness.

First the weather was absolutely gorgeous(why do I only hear girls using this word?), sunny and 20 degrees celsius. Second because we weren't Korean we didn't have to walk, there is a road that leads right to the flowers saving a 30+ minute hike. Third, there were about 20 others from church to talk and hang out with. Fourth the view was incredible, it was over looking the sea and from the top you could just make out Busan through the mist. Last, and certainly not least, I got to spend the time with my lovely Annabelle on a winding mountain road.(there were probably other reasons but you have to cut it off some where)

Had any of the first four variables been changed it would have made for a completely different and probably not so wonderful afternoon.

Yes flowers are flowers but this is a MUST if you are on Geoje while they are blooming, it is written in to teachers contracts(just kidding). It's worth it if you can drive up. Unfortunately because of the timing I did not have my camera with me and so I had to settle for a few shots with my cell phone. Which I will share here:

As you can see even from the poor quality, it is a fantastic place and so I want to make it back there and take some real pictures. I told my mum(British spelling) that I was going to go this morning before school, I even woke up at 5, but when I saw that the sun wasn't up I decided that I probably shouldn't be up either. Perhaps I will go another time, I will be to late for the flowers but just riding up the winding mountain road with Annabelle with definitely be worth the time.


  1. These pics look like scenes from "The Classic" Gold stuff Doug!

  2. Hi! Planning to take the bus from Seoul and make a long weekend in Geoje on 22-24 April. Could you give me some tips on accommodation? Thx! annamriab@yahoo.com