Field Trip Friday

Last Friday my school went on a field trip. I was told about it the week before but completely forgot about it until I went to school in the morning and looked at the schedule. This meant that I had forgotten to remind my kids about it. Thankfully we have a daily report book that the Koreans fill out and send to the parents, so my kids were prepared.

Having no idea what the plan was for the day I decided to follow the schedule which showed that I would be teaching my first class and then we would be leaving. But as is the usual with Korean communication, they assumed that I had all the details from the paper they had given me, but the paper was all in Korean. So when one of my kids asked if we had first class that morning I said yes, to which my boss promptly told him the opposite. He then told me that I could take a nap for the first class instead. Fine by me.

Our field trip, as I would find out, was going to a house in Goyheon(the are on Goeje where my old apartment was) and planting something in a garden. I might have missed something in the translation, or lack of translation but this is what we did. We pulled up at a house, unloaded the kids, went to the backyard, stood around a small rectangle of dirt that we would be planting. Four or five types of plants were passed out and planted in no particular order at all, then we washed our hands and got back in the vans. It might have taken 20 minutes, most of that being used to get the kids to line up.

Then we went to a park for a picnic lunch. A picnic with kindergarten kids, is no picnic, and although we were in a park, it was no walk in the park. But it was nice to see the kids have some freedom to run around acting like kids and having fun. There were some gold fish in a pond which the kids tried to feed by throwing in half of their snacks. We ended up staying for the whole day just playing in the park, lots of running, a bit of relaxing, and beautiful weather. It made for a good day.

I have to cut this short as my kids are coming in 5 minutes but there is still a house tour and a bull fight rundown coming. I meant to shoot the house tour this morning but it was cloudy and since I am "selling" my house to you, it needs to be sunny.


  1. These are great, is someone wearing toms in the top left of that last pic?

  2. ya two(maybe 3) of the other teachers have toms, (i put up a couple pics of the park)

  3. haha, i noticed the Toms right away too! I was just going to ask the same question but Jadyn beat me to it!