Turbo What?

I got an oven this week.

I ordered it online from auction, Koreas version of Ebay. I picked it out over a month ago but decided to wait until I moved in case my new apartment came with an oven. It did not. So finally last week I ordered it and on Monday it arrived. It is a Wiswell Convection Oven and it says turbo on the box so it has to be good(Turbo Convection).

The first thing I decided to make was Apple Crisp. I volunteered to bring some for a potluck this Sunday, so I figured it would be good to do a test run. I used a recipe I received via a phantom message and it turned out fantastically delicious. I invited a friend over to share it with ice cream while it was still hot. Then shared the leftovers with my coworkers at school the next day.

Wednesday I decided to bake some Island cookies(because I now live on an island), they turned out alright but weren't as tasty as the last time I had them. I guess being on an island doesn't actually make them better. They were pretty tasty as ice cream sandwiches, though.

On different note, it was a beautiful day today and so I got the video for the house tour shot. It should be up tomorrow sometime for your viewing pleasure.

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