Bridge Update

Like it or not, it is time for a bridge update. After spending a week or so tearing up the dirt along the riverbank they started to put in some supports to hold the dirt so it stays where it is. I assume that this is the point where the new bridge will begin. As it looks now the new bridge will have to be almost twice as long if they want it to span the gap that they have opened up.

The supports are a piece of work, I am no metal worker but once again it looks like they are using pieces that have been used before. Nevertheless it is fascinating and frankly, a little bit distracting. What they are doing is lifting up twenty foot sections of metal by crane, linking them together and vibrating/slamming them until they are level with the ground. Since the school is right beside it I notice my kids attention span drop when ever they start a new piece of metal.

Here are a few pictures of it:

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