Grand Open

This past week they completed a project that they started this summer. When I started in Korea there a rundown lot that I passed everyday, with a small corrugated metal mart in the middle and a small waffle fish stand. A few months in they started to dismantle the building and clear the lot making me wonder where I would be able to find edible Korean seafood...

In it's place came a large footprint of what would, in a few short months, become a LG electronics store. It is the Korean equivalent of a Best Buy or Future Shop. It is strategically placed in a affluent, growing neighbourhood right across from a Samsung store of the same nature.

This past week they had their Grand Open as they call it in Korea and while I don't quite understand it, it is all quite interesting. First of all, most electronics stores in Korea have some sort of noise(some call it music) coming from external speakers to infiltrate the otherwise calm(not so much) of everyday Korea. But because it is a grand open they need to push the limits of what their speakers can handle.

Next you add a guy on stilts. No one is sure why, but research show that if you have a guy on stilts you are more likely to attract more people. It's either that or cause more accidents in front of your store. Then you have a clown. Just an ordinary polka dotted, red nosed, cone hatted, baggy panted, frowny faced clown. This store took it one step farther by having a gorilla suited guy to make a full set of musketeers.

And if that is not enough to draw you in they also have lights and streamers and tents and banners and prizes and specials and gifts.

To combat LG's enticing tricks, the Samsung store across the street was doing their best to sell electronics by blasting music and employing a couple of ladies to dance on a street side stage.

What do these gimmicks have to do with selling electronics? I would love to know.

I was almost tempted to set foot in the establishments but unfortunately(or thankfully) I was on a mission.(More on this later)

You can also see from where the picture is taken that the bridge is finished.

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  1. Anonymous6/3/12

    Hey there, I was just wondering how your mission turned out. Was it successful?