Behind My House

Behind my house there is a driving facility. I have been up there many a time to light off fireworks and run around. In the evenings it is a relatively quiet place to think and relax. Behind that is a hill. I see it almost daily but up until now I had not the desire nor the time to explore what lay on its slopes. That was until a few weeks ago.

You see the plan was to go down to Geoje Sea Spa, the local jimjibang(public bath), for a soak, but upon seeing how full the parking lot was I decided I would save that for another night. So I started off on a walk up the road behind my house instead.

It was paved at first but very quickly turned to gravel as it wound its way along a barbed-wire topped fence that borders the local army reserve training facility. After a while the path dropped me off at the bottom of a hill that looked all set up for war "games".

After cautiously continuing through the training area I arrived at a star shaped open space with trails leading every which way. I chose to take the one that went up and this is what I found.

I'd say this was a close second to the public bath...

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