Annabelle and I have been going steady now for almost 11 months now and I can honestly say that she means more to me now than when I first met her. Sensing the cold weather coming I anticipated that it would affect our relationship in some way but I can now tell you after a few months of near freezing temperatures, it has not. We are as still as strong as ever.

When we go out lately I feel detached from reality, it's just her and I, cruising down the open road as if we were in some sort of video game. The difference could just be a result of the amount of clothing I wear now that the weather has changed. I bundle up as if I am playing some sort of dress up game based on quantity so I am warm while my mind thinks that I shouldn't be. But I would like to think that it is not the clothes but rather a result of our relationship growing stronger.

So strong, in fact, that we just rolled over the 4000 kilometer mark of our relationship.

We have come a long way since we first met. here

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