Bouldering Wall

This past year I have been blessed to come in to contacted with a number of people who enjoy rock climbing. While I have never been overly serious about it I do very much enjoy it. I was able to tag along and learn from them on a weekly basis. Ever since the summer I have been warned that the warm weather would not last. It has slowly gone from the point of sweating up the wall, to having numb fingers by the time you get to the top of the wall, to now being just to cold to climb.

I had heard rumours of a bouldering gym somewhere in the area that occasionally lets people climb. Over the past month or so I have had the privilege of being allowed to enjoy this area. It is great to be able to have a place to fight off atrophy.


  1. Anonymous17/1/12

    whoa! that's intense! is it as crazy hard as it looks?

  2. Anonymous20/9/13

    Wow, I too have heard the rumours but could find any info about this bouldering wall. Is there anyway that I too can get to climb on this??

  3. I climbed with an employee at Samsung which allowed me access.