Mountain Climbing on Kajodo Island

This past Sunday the weather was to gorgeous to waste so I climbed a mountain. I'm not sure what the mountain is called but it is the tallest peak on Kajodo Island, the one with the orange bridge(that I climbed here). I have wanted to climb the mountain but have not been able to find the trailhead. Thankfully today I had a guide who lived on the island and was from Nepal no less. 

We parked at the restaurant in the middle of the island, right where the road splits up, followed the right fork of the road for 50 meters until it veers right. Keep straight on what looks like a driveway for about 100 meters, the trail is on your left just as you pass the first house.

The climb itself is not very strenuous but seeing as I spend more time with Annabelle than exercising, my fitness is not what it once was. In short, the mountain had me huffing and puffing. It took us just over 30 minutes to ascent and it turns out that the mountain is a tall 331.9 meters high. The view was a little hazy but on a clear day it would give a nice view of the Samsung shipyard. 

331.9 meters never felt so much like 332 meters.

The sun. The water. The trees.

Our guide.

The view.
Deciding how to get down.
All things considered it was a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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