Thanksgiving in Korea

This past weekend I was blessed to be able to participate in two taste bud pleasuring, gut-busting Thanksgiving dinners. The first dinner was with a small group of friends that has been meeting semi-regularly to have nights of cooking. Believe it or not it started out as four guys but has grown to include two girls(for some reason). As it turned out we over estimated on food(like usual) and made enough for somewhere around 30 people. Not to worry though as there was a potluck with people from the church the next day and the leftovers were warmly welcomed.

The food was fantastic, but the thing that got me was the smell. As I walked into the room, turkey and cinnamon wafting through the air, I was reminded of years past; the family, the friends, the familiar. While this year has brought many changes, I once again have much to be thankful for. Just to list a few things in Korea that God has blessed me with: caring friends, a warm church community, Annabelle, challenging experiences that provide growth, food and shelter. Life!

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