Korean Air is great to begin with and then with the Prestige ticket it only got better.  I ended up getting a lay-flat seat with varying degrees of reclining as well as a 15 inch television and, what I was most excited about, slippers! Once we were airborne knowing that it would be a long flight I washed my feet and put on the slippers, and settled in for the flight.

At the beginning of the flight the flight attendants came by with menus and took our meal orders. For supper I had the cod, which came with soup, angel hair pasta with sauce, garlic bread and vegetables.

For breakfast I ordered the omelet which came with yogurt, a croissant and a fruit platter. I was a little worried, as I am every time I fly, that I would sleep through the food being served but flying Prestige comes with it's perks. As I was looking through the magazines offered I found stickers that you put on your head rest that said "Wake me for Food". It worked like a charm!

On top of the meals there was an unlimited beverage service that I used to it's fullest having a several cups of guava juice, orange juice, and pineapple juice. All in all it was quite a trip and even with out the upgrade I would throughly recommend flying with Korean Air, their flight attendants are very professional, their fleet is up to date and offer superb service.

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